Uwaah!!! So real and pretty!!!~~<3 
! ! ! ! ! !

Going to be playing my Nyong`o legacy for a bit :P Did some cleaning on my computer today, deleted some old CC which I never even use

Kyaaaaa~ Sooo pretty!!! <3
This is Chisa, and my first full body, and close to face pics(if thats what u call it..). I really like Chisa~ <3AND IM REALLY PROUD, cause I made a full body pic!! Yaas~~!!! :DAnd do you know what?  Thank you sooo much for 25 followers!~<3It means sooo much to me! Thank you! <3 <3 :D
This is Harumi. (。・・。)
woow. i didn’t expect it to take so long to make another girl. i was really busy downloading cc, and other stuff. (・□・;)
but yeah. im just an amateur… and sorry for only showing her face.. 
! !
My current sim ♥i made Emiri recently and i really think that she should be my first sim i post here in tumblr (´⌣`ʃƪ) im really nervous … uhm yeah 
what do chu think? σ(≧ε≦o) 
im a newbie… so sad.. (╯•﹏•╰)